Friday, November 30, 2012

Monochrome world

From last weeks colourful days my world has now transformed into a colourless black and white shade. I like the snow though. It sure lightens up

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Arts and crafts in Paris

My good friends in the art group and me went for a couple of days to the most lovely fair. 
Marie Claires savoir-faire (diy) in Paris, can you believe the feeling?! 
Good friends, croissants, Paris + a whole fair with like 3000 sqm of fabrics, pearls, stamps, paper, books and all the inspiration in the world! 
I almost can not work for all the ideas that is expanding my mind to it´s limits. 
I love crafts!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Art at the lumberyard

Todays project was to change the tires of the car and buy wood material for this artist who is coming to make an artinstallation at my work tomorrow. Pretty stamps on the end of the bords ... I choose to read "KISS" and feel happy to know that the hard working lumbermen put
kiss and stars on their material. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pretty Pink Paperflower

This extremely dark and grey november Wednesday called for a colourful craft to cheer myself up. Some days pre-christmas-Sweden is hard to cope with ... I am soo sleepy. My bear personality is telling me it is time to go sleep in a cave in the woods until the light is back.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The kids are still sick so we made some fingerpaint. Just mix like 3 dl of water with two spoons of flour and let it boil slowly. Mix with baking colour. Perfect happening for a boring november day. Plus that everybody had to take a bath afterwards. Now that´s done. Phew. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Uppercase magazine

One Bunting Away had an extra Uppercase magazine and arranged a lottery and I WON!! Can you believe it?!  Sweet Giova sent it all the way from Netherlands to Sweden. It made my day brighter since I had to stay home with kids with cold. "A magazine for the creative and curious" -
what could be better?!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A crafters guide to Soho

This is a little miniguide to a crafting and designfilled part of New York. My own personal tips and places. In just a couple of blocks there are enough inspiration for days!

Start off at the Moma designstore, 81 Spring Street. It is filled with posters, designerstuff, art and funky gadgets. And most important of all, the basement is full of art- crafts- and designbooks.
You need at least an hour here!

Once finished with Moma, walk a few steps to Paper Source in 83 Spring Street. A colourful paper shop with stamps, beautiful japanese paper, illustrated cards, scrapping stuff, gadgets and paper crafting books. A very beautiful, inspiring shop with more paper-art-feeling than
scrapbooking which is great.

Paper Source
Now cross Broadway and take one street down to Broome street 459 for Purl Soho. One of the prettiest little yarnshops on earth! So completely overwhelming of needles, yarn, thread, knitting equipment and books. I am not at knitter, but a visit here sure makes me want to start.

Purl Soho
Now there is time for some art so stop at Animazing gallery - corner of Broome and Greene street - for some whimsical inspiring art. Animazing gallery is not your traditional art gallery, they are concentrating on the wonderful world of comics, animation and illustration. Here you can find Tim Burton originals side by side with Maurice Sendak illustrations. And of course beautiful contemporary fine art exhibitions. One of my favourite illustrators are coming up, Nicoletta Ceccoli. Lucky you if you are there when she is.

Animazing Gallery
By this time you should be a little tired and therefore put your shoes on the direction of the gorgeous-make-me-feel-like-I-am-Juliette-Binoche - chocolaterie MarieBelle in 484 Broome Street. Breathe the athmosphere and have a cup of tea or cocoa and perhaps a pink macaron?

Now walk one street down to Grand Street 78 and turn directly into the Loopy Mango which is one of the coolest shops I have ever been in! They don´t have much of a website yet, but it is a former industrial garage type of feeling, filled with funky furniture, alpaca yarn, antiques, papier macher sculptures ( that I ADORE!) jewelry, props, books, signs and all that you can ask for. I could´ve stayed there for hours! This was definately my favourite boutiqe in New York.

Loopy Mango
Turn right and onto West Broadway where you find Treasure and Bond at 350. A huge shop with a heart. All profits goes to charities benefiting children i NYC. Fashion, houseware, books, furniture, jewelry, accessories, artwork, kids stuff ... pretty much all you need (except food).
If they start a restaurant I could pretty much move in!

Treasure and Bond
Turn north and at 375 West Broadway you´ll  find a very nice Anthropologie. Great kitchenware, lovely clothes, books and irresistible gadgets. This is a chain, I know, but this shop was smaller and more homelike athomsphere than the other ones. 
I really liked it + they had some really good books on artwork. 

So - this was the last stop on my mini-tour. If you are tired and hungry by now, there is a lovely french restaurant just across from Anthropologie. The pasta was to die for. Hope you had a great day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rum för Papper

This is one of the most inspiring papershops in Sweden!
Be sure to pass by if you are in Gothenburg