Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dottie Angel

What a wonderful day of inspiration and crafting! 
Filled with ideas from our dearest Dottie Angel we got together for a glorious day of retrofabric, doilies, cookies, tea and clogs. Since it´s a little far for us to cross the pond for a workshop we simply decided to have one on our own.  Anna, Clara and I easily could have spent a week together! At least we decided that when (not if - when) we win the lottery (or eventually when we retire) we will definately create a crafters paradise in an old barn overlooking the sea -  a studio filled with funky material, good music, flowers and lovely creative people. I am so extremely very happy to have these friends, that proves I am not alone in almost crying over lace and beautiful patterns, pretty bird plates and pink ribbons. THANKYOU - and thankyou Dottie! Feel free to visit Sweden and join us when you can, we will keep the teapot warm!


  1. Tack för kommentaren = vägen hit :)
    Vilken härlig dag! Jag skickar vidare till Dottie, jag tror hon kommer att gilla det.

  2. oooh it looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!!



  3. It's so nice to see friendship....

  4. Pretty new pictures!! Looks like so much fun!! :) xx Holly