Friday, August 31, 2012

My puppets


  1. Hello! I've just seen your masks and now... all these lovely puppets! The marionnettes are professionally made. Did YOU carve them? What system are the other puppets? Are they characters from puppet shows?
    I'm interested, because, as probably you've noticed, I'm a puppet theatre director, with a nearly 30-years experience! (I'm scared to see this number!):)

    1. Hey!! Thankyou for the compliments!! I went maskmaking course in Florence in 1996 end ever since I have been into masks. I have made for museums and handicraft shops but not for any company ... maybe one day I will! sure hope so!. The puppets I made when I went to a marionettshool in Milano - Italy in 2003. This company, Marionette Colla has a very traditional view of marionettemaking, so It was a lot of concentration on anatomy and having the right human proportions. The marionettes are carve in wood and the other ones are in papier macher. I made them in a stage when I was so sick of the "right shape". I had intended them for a play, but it never happened. I´ve been working in theaters but as a propmaker but then 3 kids popped out in 5 years I havn´t had the time to do puppets again but soon I hope!! I keep collecting ideas in my mind, but right now my creative focus is elsewhere. I will follow your blog and look into your maskworld, we puppeteers need to support eachother!! - sara

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  3. Oh, you have so much to tell - your natural interest to theatre art has led you to the right places! Maybe new experiences of the kind are expecting you?... When your children grow up, you'll definitely have more free time!:0) I wish you to have new opportunities to learn and to create. It's such a pleasure making puppets and masks, isn't it? I have no experience with masks, I've just followed the process of making and acting with them from aside, while running puppet workshops in some theatre projects. But you could see photos from my recent work as a director in my blog - under the label "puppet theatre". We'll keep in touch!:)))